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How You Should Be Using The Gym Health Equipment At Your Health Club

If you go down to your local health club, or in fact any normal health club, you'll find that the gym has all sorts of fancy equipment in it. Sometimes it can be confusing and even intimidating on knowing where to start in the gym, when faced with such a selection of machines to use. However, after reading this, you should be aware of the different types of equipment and how to use them.

Cardio Vs Muscle Gain

Firstly, you have to separate all of the equipment into two categories: those for exercise and cardio, and those for strength/muscle gain and toning. It's never a good idea to walk blindly into the gym and start using the first piece of equipment you see. The most important factor in determining what equipment you'll be using is your fitness goal; that way, you can build up a list of gym health equipment that you should be using.

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If you're after improvements in stamina and general fitness, then you should definitely first be looking at improving your cardio performance, and should therefore be using cardio equipment, which includes: the treadmill, cross-trainer, exercise bicycle, step machine, rowing machine and arc trainer. You should try to pick a range of cardio exercises in order to build towards a more rounded fitness and stamina result.

On the other hand, if it's muscle gain and strength training that you're trying to accomplish, then you want to trend towards using either the free weight or resistance equipment in the gym. A mixture of the two normally fares well, as free weights and resistance machines are designed for different purposes. Free weights are good at building all-round strength and muscle impact gains, however resistance equipment will tend to focus on a particular muscle group and therefore deliver results that tone muscles rather than bulk them.

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Free weights typically consists of inventive ways to use dumbbells and barbells, however it's the resistance machines that can look the most daunting. Because they're each designed for different muscle targeting purposes, resistance machines can be used to target anything from: biceps, triceps, shoulders, lats and back, chest and leg muscles. It's therefore to important that you're aware of what the resistance machine you're going to use does, so that you can fit it into your workout.

A Combination Poses the Best Opportunity

Regardless of the fact whether or not you want to focus more on cardio or muscle training, it's of paramount importance to remember both cardio and muscle training should be done as part of a normal workout. This means that even though you may want to do lots of weights in the gym to build up your muscle mass, you have to do some cardio as well in order to help shape your physique and improve your level of fitness.

As an example, a typical workout would include the following in the plan: dumbbell curls, barbell curls, resistance lifting, chest presses, barbell press, resistance wires for chest and biceps, and finally the treadmill. Notice how lots of weights were used, but there was still a cardio factor at the end of the workout?

It's important to note such an inclusion of a cardio exercise as this is helping to form a more rounded workout plan. The person using this workout plan would be targeting their arms and chest muscles, but would, however, also improve their stamina by doing some cardio work on the treadmill. It is also claimed scientifically that training with cardio after a muscle workout improves the body's ability to burn fat and repair muscle tissue.

Target the Right Muscles

Ensure that you're targeting specific muscles per workout. As the plan above showed, targeting only biceps and chest one day can be complemented with a leg and shoulders workout the next time you're at the gym. Not only does this give the muscle group last trained and opportunity to recover, but it also provides an opportunity to spend more time training certain muscles.

The same applies to cardio, too. Instead of training different muscles with weights, you can ensure you're improving your general fitness and body's stamina through rotating the gym or health equipment you're using on a per-workout basis.

Make a Plan and Get Help if You Need it

The last point to make is to ensure that you're writing out a workout plan every time you hit the gym. Not only is it beneficial to keep a record of all the gym equipment you've been using, but you can also use such planning as an opportunity to track your progress.

Don't forget that personal trainers and gym staff are there to help you if you need help. Of course, many of the younger staff members may not be hardened body-builders, but if you're a beginner yourself then they'll be more than happy to show you the best way to make use of the gym equipment.