MedExpress Urgent Care

Urgent care center in O'Fallon, Illinois
Address: 1711 W Hwy 50, O'Fallon, IL 62269
Phone: (618) 628-1791

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Photofit's boutique studio shows you how to train your body in the right way and do your workouts in a stress free environment that is tailored towards results in a pain and niggle free physiology with an informed mind.

You are 100% responsible for where your body is at and how well it is functioning. The human body is amazing, it can heal itself, it can adapt to the environment you put it in and it will never give up on you!.

So in saying that, how well are you treating this amazing gift that is your body? You only get one, so are you moving it every morning allowing your body to be in full alinement and ready for the day?.

Do you take your heart for a workout and a stress free stretch to help remove toxins and muscular tension that built up on our organs, spine, joints from our day to day existence and bad postural habits?.
Do you know how to activate your body before a workout? Are you crying to be better?
Can you still do a handstand, a summersault, or are you afraid to move?

Effective training starts with alined movement, to have a lean force factor leanfire xt, toned, strong body you have to move it, mobilise it and care for the small stuff. Your best tool for a healthy and fit physiology is understanding techniques on how to open up your inner body's workings. Learning what is what and where is where, being clear about how your joints and soft tissues work are the tools that give you the capacity to be great and gives you the knowledge to make educated decisions on how to effectivly work your body because you have learnt how to understand the body's language and that is a skill set. This is your ticket to a healthy body, spine and joints and beautiful athletic performance.

At Photofit, this is one of our points of difference. We educate you on what is right for your unique physiology.
Effective and explosive training asks for blood and power in a hydrated and mobile body. We are dedicated to help you learn and discover how to achieve your goal, whether it be weight loss, sports performance, recovering from illness, recovering from injury, running, strength and conditioning, osteoporosis, pre and post natal, or just general fitness.

You where born to be mobile, so how did you become so stiff? when did you become unable to take command of your limbs and torso? Most people think of health as a state in which your are not ill, you are free of pain and you show no signs or symptoms of the development of disease. In other words, health is really a state characterised by the absence of something, namely sickness or injury. So long as this is true they figure all things are well and they go about their business until at some later date they find them selves struck down with ill health or injury.
This " ill health " or "injury" suddenly transforms into full blown illness and then leads to disease and pain in movement in ordinary daily activities and they end up being removed from a full life because they become limited.

Thinking of health in this way can be very naive because walking blind through life with blinkers on thinking it wont happen to me is an illusion. The body was born to move, the body was designed to absorb force and push it back and move through it. So to start to get back into life, to start to feel better no matter how much pain your discomfort your in now, you need to start moving!.

At Photofit we work from a large playing field, we believe that by taking control of your situation and looking at it straight on you can begin to see that you are your own architect and you design the body you live in. So, if your in need of a renovation, start drawing up the plans now and make time to do the work on all levels, be brave enough to live in freedom. That is the gift of life, its called FREEDOM.