Replace Garage Door Trim In Such A Way For It To Serve You For Many Years

Nowadays, homeowners use a trim above their garage door openings to protect their garage from heavy rain and much snow. At the same time, the trim serves as a stop for the garage door and as a sort of window channel.

The garage door trim can be produced from different materials including wood that proves to be not as efficient as some other materials. Thus, for instance, when a wooden garage door trim gets old it starts rotting and thus needs to be replaced. So, if you've decided to replace your garage door trim, it's better to select a molded vinyl trim. This material is very durable and a garage door trim made of it will serve you for many years. In fact, it's solid PVC that has a vinyl flap which is located against the garage door's face. It's also important to add that a garage door trim produced from vinyl significantly decreases the need for painting and provides the door with better seal in comparison to that offered by standard wood trim.

So, in order to replace your garage door trim you will need the following materials and tools: Small flat pry bar, Garage door vinyl trim, Hacksaw, Silicon caulk, Tape measure, Hammer, Trim nails, Caulk gun.

Steps For Replacement of Garage Door Trim

First of all, you need to take correct measurement of the width of your garage door opening. It can be done with the help of a tape measure. Further, the height of the door opening needs to be measured. Selecting the proper replacement garage door trim, it's important to purchase one piece for the door width and two pieces for its height.

Second, the garage door has to be open. Remove the currently used old door trim with the help of a hammer and small flat pry bar. Usually it's easier to pry the trim from the side near the garage door.

Third, the garage door has to be closed. The opening jamb and header should be measured and marked 1/2-inch from the garage door's face. It's recommended to make marks at a distance of 12-16 inches. When the garage door is open, you'll need to draw a line on the jambs and headers with a straightedge.

Forth, measure the higher side of the opening using a tape measure, and prepare a strip of vinyl garage door trim with a hacksaw according to the measurement.

Fifth, put the strip of garage door trim on the garage floor in such a position the face of the trim points toward you. Hammer in trim nails at the ends and the center of the trim. Be careful to hammer in the nails not too deep for them not to protrude through the trim.

Sixth, put the garage door vinyl trim on the upper side of the door opening with the help of a vinyl flap for it to point toward the garage door. Line up the hard part of the trim for the 1/2-inch mark using a trace line. Further, the trim nails need to be driven through the trim into the opening header. A few trim nails should be driven along the length of the vinyl trim at a distance of 6 inches from each other.

Seventh, the side jambs need to be measured and vinyl garage door trim needs to be cut according to the measurements in the same way you did with the header piece. Next, the side jamb trim needs to be attached to the opening jambs in such a way the vinyl flap points toward the garage door. The solid vinyl should align with the 1/2-inch line.

Finally, run your silicone caulk along the sides of the garage door opening.

Tips On Replacing Garage Door Trim

It's highly recommended to install the upper piece of trim first of all. In this way, the vinyl flap won't get trapped between the garage door and trim.