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The Emerging Sport Health Club Market

Everyone's heard of your average health club experience with a gym and spa, however, many facilities are cropping up that focus far more on sport facilities and classes than a plain gym-and-a-pool layout. As a result there are many sport health club facilities opening, not to mention the hundreds that already exist. It's these types of facilities that are making a comeback by capitalizing on the fact that many people are being drawn into the attraction of learning a new sports skill.

Health clubs have been offering classes in all sorts of things for some time now, although a new type of class is beginning to emerge in order to meet the demand that is being struck up for it. Instead of offering the standard yoga and spin classes that so many people are beginning to get bored of, sport health clubs are beginning to offer more diverse classes that involve members directly in sports. Instead of a one-on-one experience that typically took place prior to the current boom, a group coaching service is being offered up by many of the popular and larger health clubs.

Not only does such a new style of hands-on group service require a different kind of gym to accommodate its members' needs, but it also has to offer different facilities and membership plans to compensate for such a change in focus as to what the gym actually offers.

health club equipment

In essence, sport health club facilities are alleviating the need to use the treadmill for an hour before 45 mins of weights, and are replacing the whole workout experience with activities such as: leisure football, soccer, handball, lacrosse, baseball, rounders, tennis, squash and swimming. By taking on a more active role in their workouts, the health clubs are hoping that their members are able to notice a difference in partaking and training in sports rather than sticking to a workout routine.

Not only is such a contemporary idea for a leisure facility seen as fresh, but it also promotes a newer, more enjoyable way to exercise. By combining exercise and resistance training into bite-sized sporting sessions, members will be able to improve their physical performance and physiques through a more interesting approach to working out.

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As hoped, a new type of gym member is emerging, and not the type of demographic you'd expect either. For example, the sport health club facilities aren't targeting the young audience, but those in their late 20s to late 40s who feel the need to enhance their lifestyles with a sporting experience that is more exciting than just working out.

Of course, these facilities will still include gym memberships so that cardio and strength can be directly trained, however it is clear that the classes provided by the sportier health clubs will prevail over the gym alone. Ultimately, many new members are left with an exciting experience that they can use to shape their workouts, and existing members are left with a reason to go back after a couple of days; the exciting environment that coaching and team sports provides, but in a class environment.