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  • Metal shrapnel for battery

    Metal shrapnel for battery :

    • Material: Iron, Copper, Brass, stainless steel, etc(according to customer demand
    • Length and thickness: customized by customers
    • Surface treatment: Ag-plated, Au-plated, Al-plated, Cr-plated, Ni-plated, Sn-plated, Zn-plated etc(according to customer demands)
    • color: according to customers requirement
    • Application: battery
    • Function: fixing and connecting
    • Usage: many industries, especially in electronic, computer, automobile, machinery, medical instrument and sport equipment


  • Metal stamping part

    • Material: Steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, metal alloy, brass, etc.
    • Surface treatment: heat treatment, polishing, chrome/zinc/nickel plating, PVC coating, anodize, E-coating
    • Color: according to customers requirement
    • Making process: Stamping, deep drawing, bending, punching, laser cutting, threading, welding , tapping, riveting, grinding, milling, countersinking
    • Applicable industry:
      • Automotive Industry
      • Electrical Industry
      • Building Industry
      • Furniture Industry
      • Machine assembly Industry
      • Computer components Industry
      • Hand tool industry

  • Multi functional juicer

    450 & 700W optional with 2 switch
    *Stainless steel grater filter
    *Separate juice and pulp cup
    *Double safety switch

  • Various screws

    Chipboard screws

    Drywall screws

    Self tapping screws

    Self drilling screws

    Machine screws

    Wood screws

    Material: carbon steel& Stainless steel

    Size: all size

    Surface : Yellow zinc black phosphated, gray phosphated