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what is injection molding

Our company specializes in being one of the top injection mold supplier. You may ask, what is injection molding? It is is one of the best possible methods to manufacture plastics and rubber products. Products vary in size, type and complexity and specialized machines are required to carry out the injection molding process. Basically the process involves melting plastic in an injection molding machine, and then injecting the resultant material into a mold. Once this cools down it will solidify into the required part or item. This is a very basic description of what the injection molding process entails as in reality it is more complex than this. The time and precision required will also depend on the type of item that is being produced. The process is quite similar in the case of rubber products. Injection mold supplier, plastic products manufacturers, rubber products manufacturers and rubber injection molding involves heating the rubber and applying enough pressure for the cavity surface in the molding.

Injection molding is considered to be ideal for attaining a high production rate and a good level of accuracy and surface finish. Moreover it is possible to form fine details as well as complex shapes. Pre-forming is eliminated in injection molding and so more precision and efficiency is guaranteed. Another benefit is that there is minimal material waste.

Our company guarantees an efficient and high quality production with injection molding machines and processes that are among the most sophisticated on the market. We are thus entrusted various kinds of mass production assignments and projects and we always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of quality and cost efficiency. As a plastic and rubber products manufacturer and supplier we have come to understand the importance of understanding each client’s needs and requirements so as to then guarantee the best possible results at an affordable price. Now is becoming more and more popular Like Injection mold supplier, plastic products manufacturers, rubber products manufacturers.

Splendor International Ltd has been operating in the manufacturing industry for over 20 years. The company is based in Shenzhen, China, and specializes in injection molding, die casting, as well as plastic, rubber and silicone production. The company employs more than a 100 employees and makes use of advanced equipment to ensure the highest possible quality and efficiency. In fact the products manufactured by Splendor International Ltd are ISO9001 certified and are exported all over the world.